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Sunday, 8 February 2015

UKIP – extremists masquerading as respectable politicians

It would be easy to dismiss UKIP as a political party composed of “nutcases and fruitcakes”, to use the colloquial. And indeed this is how they are often portrayed. This however is dangerous, for behind the apparent lunacy there is a pernicious right-wing ideology – one of classification, the emphasis of differences, and exclusion, with the implication that these “others” are not  like “us”, and are in someway, suffering from a “deficit” which ultimately makes them “lesser people”. In the eyes of UKIP, people are to be treated differently and excluded because of their – ethnic origins, race, social status, and who knows what else. Hence the comments, recently reported in the press, made by one UKIP general election candidate, that “benefit claimants should be banned from driving.” This follows on from other words spoken by a UKIP MEP, who, it is said, called for “unemployed people to be banned from voting.” Classification, emphasis of differences, and exclusion! So be in no doubt that UKIP is a right-wing nationalist party.

Does this sound familiar? It should do, for it is the basis on which apartheid in South Africa was based, and the segregation of whites and blacks in the southern states of the USA, and Nazi policy towards … everyone who did not fit with their perverse views of what constituted a normal human being. It is also the basis upon which the European slave trade was based. It is also one of the steps that leads to genocide.

So how will UKIP’ policies evolve with regard to those from places like Romanian, for the unemployed, for those claiming benefits, for homosexuals, for others that do not fit with their perverse views of what constitutes a normal human being? Perhaps a special badge – a yellow star for example … This is the second step towards genocide – symbolisation.

And UKIP are not the only extremists trying to wear the cloak of respectability. Scientists also classify and differentiate people, for anyone who now questions science is seen as being different, and in someway suffering from a deficit that requires “special treatment”. And here lies a hidden danger, for extremist can be found in unexpected places, like for example, in the offices of chief scientific advisors and former ones too. It now time to take a peaceful stand against extremism in all forms, before the social, economic, and political conditions become such that the extremists’ simplistic ideas and solutions begin to look attractive, for this too is one of the steps on the road to genocide.

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