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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Genocide in Europe – it will happen again

Today I will start to fulfil a promise that I made at the beginning of 2015 to examine a matter that most people do not want to read about – genocide, and also the killing of human beings based on ideology and dogma, or for the common good, or because it is just convenient to do so. This will be a series of articles and I begin by reminding you that the Nazi programme of genocide perpetrated against the Jewish people, gypsies, the disabled, Slavic peoples, and homosexuals, was not a unique event. It has happened in several places in the world since the end of the Second World War, including Europe. The list is already long:

Nazi Germany and “The Holocaust”

These are just the cases people are willing to accept as being genocide, for when one starts to study this matter one discovers that genocide has never happened – collective denial is one of the characteristics of genocide. Genocide is what the bad people (our enemies) do, but we, democracy loving European peoples (and those on our side), would never do such a thing! History though tells a different story, but most do not want to know about this – collective denial!

As for all those Europeans who, after the Second World War, thought it would never happen again in Europe– well, Bosnia proved they were wrong! And the same goes for those Europeans who now think that it will not happen a third time – it will, and the architects of the next genocide will be those who subscribe to the secular Abrahamic religion known as Western science. And the model for it has already being created and implemented, only most people are not willing to admit that this is the case – collective denial!

More on these matters to follow …

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