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Sunday, 22 February 2015

The “recollections” of a former chief scientific advisor

Just when you thought it was safe …

I have already told you that we have not heard the last of scientists and their Will to Power. And in The Guardian newspaper on February 5th, a devote of the secular Abrahamic belief system known as Western science, presented some “recollections” of time spent as chief scientific advisor to the president of the European Commission. I use the word “recollections” deliberately, but you will have to wait many months before you see why.

In the article we learn that one of the former chief scientific advisor’s “recollections” is disappointment that the relationship with the president was not as close as it could have been, and that, (one-to-one) meetings with the president were not very frequent. This begs the question: why was that so? I speculate, but could it be that Barroso realised that, if you sit in a room with a tiger, it will eventually eat you. Most likely we will never know unless Barroso at some point in the future reveals his side of the story – his own “recollections”.

In the former chief scientific advisor’s “recollections” we also learn that the (at the time) new appointee to the post of president, Jean-Claude Juncker, would have nothing to do with the doomed chief scientific advisor. All praise to President Juncker for taking such a stance. Perhaps he too recognised the dangers of having a tiger sitting in the room. Perhaps he also understood that the demand from scientists that they must have a seat in government are just the words of a vested interest group, and the people who make such demands, along with their organisations, are the ones who stand to gain the most, in terms of power, money and kudos, from the realisation of such. Perhaps, and I would like to believe this, he also recognised that such demands are fundamentally undemocratic and that all such previous outings of scientific government – which requires totalitarianism to sustain – have led to disaster. The belief that it will be, “different next time” is just collective delusion and denial, which is something scientists, including chief scientific advisors and former ones, have in abundance, along with much hubris.

We also learn from the article that there is a new book coming out soon in which a longer essay of “recollections” will be published, so more opportunities for exploring whether there is anything other than just “smoke and mirrors” to these “recollections”, and if there is anything more than just one individuals attempts to write their own history, to create myths. And a whole book, by highly deluded, but dangerous people, advocating the rule of science and reason, and mapping out how they, for the common good, will be running your lives in future, is bound to be a rich source of material for satire, which is exactly what this lunatic fringe deserve.

Which brings me to the matter of art and literature, which you should understand, does not exist for the purpose of communicating how marvellous science and scientist are to an increasingly sceptical and distrusting public, but to expose the reasons why people should be sceptical and distrustful, and to help people to understand that they do not have to accept the perversity that Western science has become. The former use of art is just propaganda, and people who advocate art for the purposes of glorifying science, stand in the company of Stalin and Hitler – it is the new religious art. Art exists to help people fly, to set them free from dogmas, including that of Western science. And art can also help people find an alternative path that leads away from the world that chief scientific advisors and former ones, are creating.

Recall that two weeks ago, in an article about extremists masquerading in a cloak of respectability, I said that it is time to take a peaceful stand against extremism in all forms, before the social, economic, and political conditions become such that the extremists’ simplistic ideas and solutions begin to look attractive. Recall also that last week I wrote about the inevitability of a third round of genocide in Europe.

Everything is connected …

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