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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

The History of Europe is a History of European Unions

The history of Europe is a history of European Unions! Why have people developed the idea that the latest European Union is going to be any different from the others?

On March 1st the European Commission published its vision for the future of the European Union. It generously announced that it is going to allow the people of Europe to discuss the future of the European Union – but only on its terms and conditions.

Here are some of the names of European Unions of various geographical size and coverage: European Union; Soviet European Union; Third Reich European Union; Austro-Hungarian European Union; Imperial German European Union; Napoleonic European Union; Holy Roman Empire European Union; French Imperial European Union; Spanish Imperial European Union; Church of Rome European Union; Roman Empire European Union. You continental Europeans sure love your European Unions!

As for those terms and conditions – on no account will you be allowed to discuss any alternatives to the European Union. As for democracy – forget it. You will have to live with the rubber-stamping Supreme Soviet – sorry we meant to say European Parliament. And that army and police force that people (during the UK’s EU Referendum) denied would come into being – that’s your future, along with a common criminal justice system. Now what was it that I said in one on my blogs in 2016 about what will happen when the European Commission have a police force and an army? Oh, and the use of soft power in no longer seen as adequate – so we are back once more to use of hard power. This is one of the reasons why the European Commission want an army and a police force. The other is to suppress all opposition. This, strangely, is hinted at as well, in the rather sinister ending to Scenario 5. What is a sovereign State, based on a sham democracy, run by people engaging in dangerous fantasies and delusions, with an army and a police force, going to do with all those people who feel that they have been alienated because the European Union lacks legitimacy and has taken too much power away from national authorities? I refer you to past European Unions for answers to this question.

What will make the different are, of course, those world events, as I indicated in my last blog. “It is only a temporary measure,” they will say. They will also engage in denial. They are well practiced at this with their exercises in misleading ministers and parliaments – all the ministers and parliaments of the Member States, as well as the people of Europe. The European Parliament does not count as they are only there to create an impression of democracy – a deception that most people have accepted. They should however read the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, which of course they are not going to do. Thus they are easy to manipulate, and thinking they are not easy to manipulate, which people do think, makes their manipulation easier. Why, after all, do businesses spend so much money on advertising and marketing? They would not do it if it did not work!

If you read the European Commission’s vision document carefully, which is very cleverly crafted (manipulative propaganda), the intention is to complete the discussion process in time for the European Parliament elections in 2019, by which time the UK will be outside the European Union, the Customs Union, and the Internal Market. Now why these elections I wonder? Is it because they plan to use the 2019 elections for the European Parliament to claim that their plans have the support of the people of continental Europe?

So Scenario 5! Tolkien had the right words to described Scenario 5 – the future for continental Europeans, which is the Union of Subservient State Republics (USSR):

“One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.”

Are the people of continental Europe going to be duped – tricked – into allowing the European Commission to create another one of those European Unions? It seems that they are! You have obviously learned nothing from your past.

You are crazy Paul! Ah, if only I was! I went to Brussels for a reason. I know you are not going to listen. You never do. Thus, do I take up the pen and the brush, for they are far mightier than the European Commission!

Now do I walk with you, fair lady with the beautiful soul, to the edge of doom! Have you learned yet how to listen to me?

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