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Sunday, 26 March 2017

The European Union is 60 and is dying

The European Union is 60. At the birthday party in Rome, Pope Francis warned EU leaders that the European Union risks dying if it does not develop a new vision. But we were also told by EU leaders to stop criticising the EU. Why? Because they think, like the leaders of the Soviet Union, that it is only the job of elite rulers to think, while the rest of us just work. In the manner of Ancient Greece so to speak! This is a measure of how out of touch EU leaders are.

The EU does not run the risk of dying for it is already dying. The disease is a cancer. It is the cancer of elitism, bureaucracy, technocracy, incompetence, cognitive illusions, corruption, deception, arrogance … This list is, sadly, very long.  DG CONNECT’s STARTS Platform is a relevant case study.

At the heart of the cancer is an institution called the European Commission, which is destroying the harmony that once existed among the nations of Europe, and is becoming a significant threat to peace, stability and prosperity! It is also a threat to democracy and is undermining our system of Parliamentary democracy.

The history of Europe is a history of European Unions. This current European Union will go the same way as all the previous ones, and will in the course of doing so, bring misery and suffering to millions of people. It is already doing this, but most people cannot, or do not want to see. It is also, like the Soviet Union, falling apart, and is being held together only by fear generated by EU Institution propaganda, and threats from leaders not to criticise.

Europeans need to break free from their past, not to reinvent it in the same form that it was yesterday, which is what the European Union is doing. The European Union is Prometheus. It is also Narcissus. It sits on the rock of the past, bound by invisible and silent chains, suffering the agony of, every day, having its liver torn out by an eagle, only to regenerate again overnight back into the same form it was the previous day. And it has so fallen in love with itself that it cannot see the damage that it is doing. So it sits gazing at its reflection, admiring itself, as it did in Rome over the weekend.

The EU has been condemned by Zeus and cursed by Nemesis. Time to say goodbye! We are! On March 29th! But it is also time to start creating a new vision for Europe, in a post-European era world. This, if you were wondering, is what we are about, and we use a technique from the world of arts and literature known as de-familiarisation (from the school of literature known as Russian Formalism), also called, making the familiar seem strange, as part of the process.

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