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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

VERTIGO: Symptoms of Disease – the French policy of l’exception culturelle STARTS to succumb to DG CONNECT’s Gradgrinding of the Arts

DG CONNECT’s efforts to Gradgrind the Arts – known as STARTS – which seeks to turn the arts into numbers – on balance sheets – sounds the death knell of l’exception culturelle, especially as part of the French art world has embraced the STARTS nonsense with great enthusiasm. In future art must have a utility – DG CONNECT’s utility.

Now we are experiencing a spinning inside the head, the results of VERTIGO, and someone is saying: we are bringing together the leading players in a sensitive and the intelligible desire and astonishment: artists, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs who change and defy our present.

Back to the matter of art-science fakes once again! Expect to see many of these – but as with all art fakes, it takes an expert to tell what is fake, and what is genuine. This is why we studied art and the state-of-the-art, so that we could tell fakes from what is an original – fake or fortune?

VERTIGO is a symptom of several diseases and disorders, often also associated with a loss of balance and feelings of nausea. Chose your acronyms carefully!

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