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Sunday, 17 April 2016


ICT ART CONNECT (or STARTS) is something we have been following, monitoring and analysing since 2013, and on our web site we have archived most of the public-domain material to ensure that it is available for use by art historians and anyone else who wishes to make use of it, e.g. research funding agencies who want to avoid the catalogue of incompetence and unethical conduct that is DG CONNECT’s STARTS initiative. Unlike DG CONNECT, all those other public research funding agencies that may have an interest in deploying art in STEM related research, will be constrained in their actions by fiduciary responsibility, and will have to exercise due diligence. This is one of the motivations for our hacking activities – why make any mistakes when DG CONNECT has made them all so that you do not have to! We also have other objectives.

This hacking, we have given a name – we call it ICT ART CONNECT DISCONNECT.

The hacking of ICT ART CONNECT (and STARTS) means the creative misuse of ICT ART CONNECT as part of a larger process of developing something known as Art Practice as Research with a view to developing it into something that can fundamentally change Western science and as well as achieving something that we call innovating of the innovation process. We observe artists working with STEM people and note what they say, claim, and so forth. Interesting, but not in the sense that they would mean!

We learned long ago however that transforming Western STEM, is one of the greatest heresies that anyone can utter in the modern, so-called, but, in reality, not very, Enlightened world. But we care not. In fact it serves our purpose very well to create these subjective and irrational emotional responses – this, after all, is one of the things that art can do. And bringing the subjective, the irrational and also the spiritual into Western STEM is what we are about. How are you feeling now?

ICT ART DISCONNECT is also part of the process we are undertaking to develop something we term scriptovisualism – this has clear links to feminist art for sure, but we go far beyond what this term originally meant. Probably we will not however be saying much further about this for the time being. It will be the subject of further books.

And as the results of this hack begin to be, exposed
The pieces of the jigsaw, long hung, unplaced and, unused
Begin to assemble themselves as though by guiding, hand
Into a theory that DG CONNECT will never, understand.

We are being too theoretical once again. Of course we are, because theory is everything and not just art and literary theory, but other theories as well. Theory provides a cross-disciplinary explanation, theory provides the basis for an interdisciplinary transfer from one field to another, but most importantly, theory provides the keys to open the doors to transcendence – transcending disciplines to create the transformational ...

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