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Sunday, 10 April 2016

ICT, Art and STARTS: DG CONNECT’s delusions and the new artist-led company called the Ideology of Creativity Inc.

Following on from our article on those unconventional and compelling products that special people called artists are going to create for DG CONNECT, Julia and Paul, the highly schizophrenic artist-technologist pairing, are proud to announce the launch of their new commercial venture which will be known as Ideology of Creativity Inc. This is an artist-led company dedicated to making the dreams of technocrats come true, by pandering to their delusions through the use of art to solve all those deficits that explain Europe’s declining economic situation – explain that is, only if you are caught-up in the STEM way of knowing the world and creating reality which is very Ancient Greek in its orientation (patriarchal; elitist; disparaging towards manual work; intolerant of that which does not conform with the normal; contemptuous towards people who are not Hellenic (those people otherwise known by the Ancient Greeks as the untermenschen that were the barbarians); inclined towards achieving genetic purity through the practice of eugenics implemented through infanticide ... ).

Together we will innovate at the nexus of science, technology and the arts. We will create business models for art-technology collaborations, invent and use common work practices to develop unconventional and compelling new products, navigate the valley of death, and participate in START competitions in the quest to win one of those truly amazing and much sought after prizes – it remains to be seen it they mean cash in our pockets with no strings attached!

We have identified many areas where our very special products can be used to address deficits. We will be presenting our first product launch in the coming months. We can guarantee that our first product will save research funding agencies millions in unnecessary expenditure of public money on art-technology collaborations, for we have truly found a world beating solution, a panacea, to the creativity deficit. Watch this space for details of this astonishing silver bullet –this amazingly unconventional and compelling product!

Julia and Paul

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