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Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Greek crisis illustrates what is wrong with the EU: It has abandoned its peoples to the power of money

The European Union has abandoned its peoples to the power of money, as the Greek sovereign debt crisis well illustrates, and while those with money prosper, it is the ordinary people who have to suffer. This will be your future too as slowly the neoliberals take away all the rights and power that ordinary people have acquired over time. And the UK Government is leading the way. The only thing that matters now is money! And every group in society is becoming corrupted by money (including it seems – some artists).

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper Jurgen Habermas said:

“Key decisions are being taken by the Council, the European Commission and ECB – in other words, the very institutions that are either insufficiently legitimated to take such decisions or lack any democratic basis. Streeck and I also share the view that this technocratic hollowing out of democracy is the result of a neoliberal pattern of market-deregulation policies. The balance between politics and the market has come out of sync, at the cost of the welfare state.”

Recall my criticism of the former chief scientific advisor who advocated a technocratic approach to the involvement of scientists in policymaking: yet another group that lacks legitimacy and a democratic basis, which want to work in secret and who follow the neo-liberal agenda. DG CONNECT’s ICT-ART CONNECT (STARTS) initiative is formulated in the same way.

Now is the time for peaceful resistance, because there are groups of people like scientists who are undemocratically acquiring power and seeking to establish their rule. And then what follows is already known for it is written in the history books. And in the technocratic organisation that is the European Commission, these power seeking groups have found a fertile environment for their technocratic system of government to take root.

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