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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Charming snakes

Black snake oil …

The conceited black snake was worried for black snake oil was failing and black snakes and their industry were being questioned. People were rejecting black snake oil and discovering that better snake oil could be found elsewhere. Black snakes self evidently needed to become more ‘creative’ so that black snake oil would be more innovative. By becoming more innovative, it was hoped, black snake oil could be embedded more gracefully into society, or, to put it another way – black snakes would be able to manipulate people into accepting black snake oil.

The black snake, predatory as ever, caught sight of the white snake and saw in it an opportunity to reacquire some credibility and relevance, these now being long lost. It then rose up slightly from its coiled position and looked at the unsuspecting white snake.

The white snake had been lying quietly, in its innocence and naivety, and noticed the attention that the devious black snake was paying to it.

“That black snake is interested in me,” thought the white snake, and, feeling charmed, it too rose up and both then they looked at each other, neither blinking, for neither could.

The black snake too, even with its sense of superiority, was charmed, and it said to itself, “the white snake is interested in me.” Whereupon it said, “I thought perhaps that we might CONNECT black snake oil with white, and explore its innovative potential.” It then moved its head to its left, rising a little higher as it did so.

“Oh fantastic,” thought the poor white snake, who was now much charmed. “The black snake is interested in white snake oil.” Whereupon it said, “oh yes, black and white snake oil must surely go together.” Then the white snake moved its head to its right, it too raising its head slightly higher.

The evil black snake was now even more charmed, because the gullible white snake wanted to CONNECT, and it thought to itself, “I was right, the white snake does have something that can enhance the creativity of black snakes and improve black snake oil.” And then it said to the lowly white snake, “we should CONNECT black and white snake oil for this would be new.” Then it moved its head to its right, positioning it even higher in the process of doing so.

The white snake followed suit, and moved its head to its left and slightly higher, feeling now very charmed indeed, and thinking, “the black snake thinks that CONNECTING black and white snake oil is new, so it said, “indeed we should CONNECT black and white snake oil, for this surely would be something new.”

The devious black snake was now feeling very proud and charmed beyond anything that it had experienced previously, and it said to itself, “ah, so CONNECTING black and white snake oil is new, just as I thought,” so it said to the increasingly charmed white snake, as it, the black snake, moved its head to its left and even higher, “we should undertake a study to show that CONNECTING black and white snake oil is indeed innovative and worth doing to enhance the creativity of black snakes.”

The white snake was now lost in its desire to please the black snake and it moved its head to its right and tried hard to raise its head up to the level of that of the black snake, but failed to do so. As it did this, it thought to itself, “oh, it wants to do a study that will show just how innovative CONNECTING black and white snake oil is and how it will enhance black snakes’ creativity.” So it said to the deluded black snake, “I am very charmed that you think that white snake oil is so worthy of your consideration, but obviously it’s the sort of study that only white snakes can do.”

“Yes indeed, and so it shall be” said the black snake which was now feeling so charmed that its vainglorious character became so obvious, but also thinking to itself, “and just to be certain, I will oversee this so that we arrive where I want to be.” It then shifted its head once more to its right and rose even higher.

The sad little white snake, feeling charmed to a degree never before experienced, did then look into the matter of CONNECTING black and white snake oil, and low and behold it did indeed find new evidence of the efficacy of CONNECTING these two snake oils.

The white snake had faithfully followed every move made by the devious black snake. As the black snake had just moved its head to its right once more, the white one also moved its head, this time to its left, but it was not now able to reach the height of the black snakes head. And then the white snake said, “behold new evidence.”

And the white snake was just thinking, “this is just what is needed …”, when – the evil black snake had seen enough, and being charmed now in the extreme, it CONNECTED with the white snake by biting it, devouring it whole, digesting it, and then, feeling charmed within itself, it set about doing that which it had always done, only calling it something different, with the result that it produced:

Black Snake oil …

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