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Sunday, 7 June 2015

A better world …

Three weeks ago I mentioned the seven Abrahamic worldviews; three religious (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) and four secular (Science, Capitalism, Communism, Western Atheism). All seek in their own way to create a better world. All have also created tremendous suffering and bloodshed. Understanding why this is so is important.

And this is my message to all of you (which is a quote from my book A Tale of Two Deserts):

“Whatever you call the better world that you seek, your paradise, you cannot build a kingdom of heaven on ground that is soaked in the blood of people who do not agree with you.”

Many of you still have not learned this lesson. The time for doing so has almost run out, for you now stand before the Gates of Hell (which is something I mention in another book (Encounter with a Wise Man)). Collective denial and delusion though, tell you otherwise. So back once more to the problem of the human mind, which is what it is has all been about – it has been from the very beginning. Did you not know this? Judging by what religious and secular people say about sacred books such as the Holy Bible and the Holy Qur’an, it is clear that most have not understood this. And this notion, that people would not understand, was the idea behind these books, which is not as crazy as it sounds. To be continued …

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