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Sunday, 14 June 2015

All religions are true …

Ghandi is supposed to have said that “All religions are true.” This is a radically different perspective to that which is found in the West with is Abrahamic worldviews – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. These cannot all be true, so the Western mind thinks. Religion and science: creation vs. evolution. One must be true, but not both, according to Western thought. So, you take your pick, plant your flag where you want to, and then the war begins … This is the madness of the human mind.

How is possible that this great man Ghandi was able to conceive that all religions are true? It is in essence a Taoist perspective. Evidently the West has a lot to learn from the East. And if the East were to embrace its cultural heritage, and build a different form of civilisation, one not based on the European’s self constructed realities, one that the European world could not understand, then … To be continued.

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