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Sunday, 21 December 2014

What’s on Anne Glover’s Mind?

If you want to know what is on Anne Glover’s mind, to peer into that mind so dominated by science to the exclusion it seems of everything else, then you can now do so by virtue of the word-cloud that I have created.

Taking the content of interviews, speeches and articles, I pasted all the words into an online word-cloud generator and found, not surprisingly, that the word evidence stands out as being the one most often used. Policy and science also have a high frequency of occurrence.

Creating word-clouds can be interesting, for it gives insights into people’s obsessions and also throws up some surprises, which was the case with Anne Glover’s word-cloud, for, among the dominant words that I expected to see, was one that I did not. And that word was “people”! Being intrigued by this, I delved into the raw data (words) to see what evidence there was for Ann Glover’s apparent interest in people. This proved to be a revelation.

At the same time that I created this particular word-cloud I also generated one for the Transition Movement by taking words from their web site ( Here I also found that the word “people” had a very high prominence. The word was used here in the way one would expect for such a movement: people as our fellow human beings, members of communities; people that the movement seeks to involve in the construction of a sustainable world; those that, with encouragement and support, are empowered to make changes in the world, to make it a far better place than it would be if such matters are just left in the hands of those with political power and Chief Scientific Advisors (or former ones).

So Anne Glover, in her words, shares the same interest as the Transition Network? I regret to inform you that this is not the case. What Anne Glover means by people is – others. The concern and interest that Transition Network have for people, as our fellow human beings to be empowered, and to be respected as human beings and treated with great humanity, is simply not evident in Anne Glover’s words, and for this reason I modified the input text, replacing “people” with the word “others”.

And the above is one of the reasons why we need to drive scientific types out of government and to deny them access to power, because they do not think in terms of humanity – they see human beings as machines, and this is one of the fundamental flaws in Western science and one of the reasons why, as I discussed last week, people should turn against a science based on this philosophy.

About this matter I will say more in future blogs. For the moment though I close by saying that the priests and priestesses of science, engineering and technology, need to be rendered powerless by sending them back to their monasteries. Society must now find a new way of dealing with science, technology and engineering matters in policy making, without giving these vested interests any power at all. And do not expect to find ideas for such in the minds of scientists. The responses from the scientific world that resulted from Anne Glover’s demise are truly frightening and serve to remind that battle against the cold inhumane logic of these outdated Enlightenment thinkers is only beginning. It is a battle that humanity cannot afford to lose.

Power belongs in the hands of ordinary people and their democratically elected representatives, and not in the hands of Chief Scientific Advisors who choose to work secretly, which, if you care to look, is how those who conspire to obtain power by deception operate.

And for making us aware of all the above and the need for a new approach to addressing matters of science, engineering and technology in policy making, we should thank Anne Glover, for she serves as a warning of the dangers lurking unseen inside the minds of scientist, engineers and technologists, and others too, who, working together, are seeking to establish their theocracy, their new world order – the rule of science and reason, which will, without any doubt, turn out to be yet another crime against humanity.

And as for the word-cloud, known as What’s on Anne Glover’s Mind, you can see this at the following web link (there may be a delay loading and you will need to accept the running of Java):

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