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Sunday, 7 December 2014

Anne Glover Science – for those situations when Nazi Super Science is just not evil enough

So, with the abolition of the post of Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission, one scientist’s Will to Power is thwarted, and Anne Glover will have to return to her monastery. But this is not the time for celebration, for although one tiger is back in the cage, there are many more of them stalking the world, pursuing their ambition to impose the rule of science and reason, which if you will care to recall, had is last major outing in the world in the 1930s, with its main proponents being Stalin and Hitler. But we have short memories and we have already forgotten the major role that the scientific mind played in the creation of the perverse systems of government that both these tyrants gave birth to. We have not learned the lessons and we still do not recognise the danger lurking in the minds of scientists like Anne Glover, with her secret activities and her open disdain for politicians and democratic institutions such as the European Parliament.

With the above in mind, this week I continue with the technique called de-familiarisation – making the familiar seem strange – that I wrote about last week. So now I introduce to you Anne Glover’s science: for those cases when Nazi super science is just not evil enough. I invite you now to enter the scientists’ very dangerous world of delusion and denial.

This place of delusion and denial is one, where it is believed, the world can be known in an objective manner. Science provides the means to do this in a way that is devoid of any values and beliefs that the observer may hold. The observer and the observed system are independent: one does not affect the other. Reality exists and is independent of the observer – the observer by observing discovers the truth – the sole truth. And from this value based statement flows the nonsense that Anne Glover and other scientists speak, both through their words, and also through their silent narrative, which is …

“The world, the universe, nature, our lives, can only be properly understood through science, and all other ways of knowing the world are inferior and irrelevant.

“Anyone who does not agree with scientists and rejects science is suffering from a deficit. These “others” need to be re-educated, and science, as the all knowing and all powerful way of revealing the sole truth, will appropriate art for the purpose of communicating with these “others” to correct this deficit – which is defect in the mind – to make such people, normal, for the rejection of science is wholly abnormal.

“Science is the only way that the human condition can be improved, and this will be achieved through the application of science for commercial ends, and, in creating even more prosperity for Europeans through this process, those in less developed parts of the world will also benefit as the crumbs fall from the table of the already over prosperous. This is the natural order of the world at work, the product of evolution, which made Europeans the dominant culture in the world.

“Science will also solve all the problems of humanity, bringing forth a golden age, when science and reason will rule, and everyone will live wonderful lives, free from disease, poverty, injustice, prejudice, oppression, and so forth, for self-evidently these are all problems that only science can solve, and in doing so we will make Europeans even more prosperous.

“Scientists can redesign nature to make it better than that which evolution has produced. Through science we can gain control over the natural world. We will become the masters of nature. People too will be improved. All the variety in humanity that nature produces – all those disabilities than make people different from the normal – will be corrected, or eliminated. Science will create the perfect human being – a normal human being. Science will also produce enhancements to human beings, giving people more powerful eyes, better brains, more robust limbs, and so for. Science will extend human life far beyond that which evolution has determined to be our natural lifespan. We will create the super-human.

“Only science can deliver the above, which is why politicians must do what scientists tell them. Science is too important to be ignored. It provides the basis on which the people, the “others”, will be governed. It is all for the greater good, which is why we cannot allow the “others” to stand in the way of progress. This is a matter that is too important to allow people, the “others” to decide upon.

“Fortunately the European Union provides the perfect forum to implement this change in the nature of government, for like the Soviet Union, it is modelled on the idea of technocracy, where experts rule and the people, the ruled, the others, do as the experts tell them: When people are allowed to choose they choose wrongly.

“And thus will come about the ideal circumstance: policies will evolve, but will not change significantly from one European Commission Presidency to another.”

The above is a manifestation of the Will to Power. It is an evil that is destroying humanity, and will in the end lead to all those things that have shown Europeans and their culture to be one of the most violent and destructive forces in humanity’s still brief history. It will ultimately lead once more to:

A totalitarian system of government where policies evolve but do change significantly with time for they will be the prisoners of dogma, and thus will come forth that which is all too familiar …

Anne Glover and her science are an evil that will ultimately enslave humanity in a cold and barbarous system of living where defective machines – aka human beings – will be decommissioned when their economic utility has expired. The conditions that will bring this about are those that will result from the social, economic and political circumstances that will prevail as an unsustainable civilisation begins to adapt itself to an environment where there are too many people, not enough resources, and increasingly violent and murderous conflicts founded in Abrahamic ideology and dogma (i.e. conflicts among the seven Abrahamic thought systems that I mentioned in a previous blog). It is already happening and society is blind to this, which is why I now write that which will appear in my next blog …

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