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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Should People Reject Western Science in its Present Form?

Anne Glover Science: In an ideal world, in which policies were based on peer reviewed scientific data, policies would evolve but would not change from one government to another.

Reality: In a totalitarian system of government policies evolve but do change significantly with time for they are the prisoners of dogma, and thus comes forth that which is all too familiar …

This week I reflect upon the question: should the peoples of the world reject Western science – aka Anne Glover science – in its present form? The answer is that they are already doing so, and more should follow their example. And based on what Anne Glover is on record of saying, the faster they do this the better, for she will ultimately be seen as one of the most dangerous people that ever lived, for she, and other scientists, seed, through their fragmented and reductionist thinking, a human catastrophe the likes of which … But you do not believe this, nor do you want to hear about this matter. You never do. If anyone has said in 1933 what the Nazis would do, no-one would have believed them. You will therefore not believe what will flow from words spoken by foolish scientists here in the year 2014.

It is fear of people turning against science that is one of the factors that underlies all the initiatives that I mentioned in my blog from a few weeks past. People no longer trust scientists, and there are many high profile scientists, those that I call the nutty professors, who well illustrate why we should not trust scientists, not to mention the actions of industry (and their unholy alliances with the scientific communities) who have used science in the pursuit of profit, and in doing so, have left a legacy of toxicity, environmental degradation, over consumption … The list is quite long!

Those in power, the establishment, are worried and are seeking to placate the public through a number of measures, often based on the notion of better communication, but which do not satisfactorily address the deep rooted problems that exist within Western science – deep flaws that cannot be corrected without reinventing science through the development of new philosophical foundations and new beliefs and values, quite different in nature to the ones upon which Western science is based.

Those who have managed to read to this point, or have not become outraged already by the above heresy, might have noticed that I posed the question in terms of turning against European (Western) science, not turning against science as an intellectual means of understanding more about nature and the universe. I know this might come as a surprise to many Europeans, given that they are Europeans, but there are many ways of undertaking science, for science (and also engineering and technology) are culturally determined. Put simply, Western science – in which I also include engineering and technology – reflects the values and beliefs of European culture, which could be summarised as making a virtue of living life like a plague of locusts. It is also fundamentally Abrahamic in character, and hence is bound up with sole truths which are divinely reveal to humanity – in the past by God, but now by science (which is a God substitute).

European scientists, engineers, and technologists are living the values of beliefs of the period known as the Enlightenment. That is roughly 1600 to 1820. Do not therefore be fooled by the apparent modern look to science – it is a case of 21st century knowledge and technology, 17th century values and beliefs. And it is this observation which partly provides the answer to the question previously posed, in earlier blogs, concerning scientists, engineers and technologists – why so smart yet so dumb? Anne Glover, now the former Chief Scientific Advisor to the previous President of the European Commission, through her na├»ve comments, serves as an exemplar of this phenomenon. But she is not alone, as was clearly revealed by the worms in the woodwork that emerged to support the notion of having a Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission. These worms are advocating technocracy (another form of theocracy) – the rule of science and reason. Scientists are very keen to impose this on the world, and naively believe that ethics will prevent this from becoming yet another European horror story: why so smart yet so dumb?

The science, engineering and technology that we see in the world today, are European in character, and those in the developing world, those who have for far too long been subjected to the imposition of European culture, should recognise this, and begin to develop science, engineering, and technology based on their own cultures. This is something that I have being working on for the past 30 years and its now time to pull together the various threads to show peoples in India, China, and other places what they are doing by accepting this Western model and how they could develop a much more powerful and sophisticated approaches based upon their own traditional cultures. And in doing this not only can they develop approaches that are based on harmony with nature (rather than control, conquest and domination which is the European way), but also unleash on Europe the forces of creative destruction, and in so doing bring to an end European cultural dominance in the world.

If the world is to ever achieve a sustainable way of living, European culture, which is at the source of the problem of sustainability, has to be changed. The force of creative destruction is one of the ways to achieve this and to create the circumstances where Europeans will have to stop being European. This is how the unbreakable chains that bind Europe (otherwise known as Prometheus) to the rock of the past will be smashed. This is how to set Europe free and to render ineffective those like Anne Glover who are the personification of the Prometheus syndrome.

The modern scientist is the embodiment of the Will to Power.

More to follow in future blogs …

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