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Sunday, 8 May 2016

ICT, Art and STARTS: DG CONNECT Gradgrinding the arts

“Bitzer,” said Thomas Gradgrind. “Your definition of an artist.”

“Highly creative special person. Uses ICT to make art objects, the sole purpose of which is utility – the utility of unconventional and compelling products. Works with uncreative technologists to provide corrections for their creativity deficit. Makes industry more innovative and therefore more competitive. Solves the problems that DG CONNECT imagines exits in the world of ICT. Breaks down silos. Uses special powers to embed ICT more gracefully in society. Does not require paying on equal terms with technologists. Will work for a pittance. Will even work free-of-charge. Someone to award prizes to, so that DG CONNECT’s image is enhanced at public expense. Someone to be exploited by a technocratic, unaccountable, self justifying, European, bureaucratic organisation. Sole purpose is to serve DG CONNECT’s image making agenda.”

“Now citizen number twenty,” said Mr. Gradgrind, “you know what an artist is.”

Thanks to Charles Dickens for giving the world, Mr Gradgrind. Yet again we find in the world of literature, a parody that reveals the true nature and behaviour of DG CONNECT. And if this makes them look like fools, that is because ...

Next week a poem about DG CONNECT! Well you wanted to work at the nexus of Science, Technology and the Arts, and we so much want to use art to explain to those outside Europe how not to use the arts. It’s an art project leading to a very unconventional and compelling product.

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