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Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 starts – or should that be STARTS?

A year of writing and creating other things begins, and the compulsion to work on the writing of books has returned. The list of books that I want to write grows as time slips by, but the time to complete them diminishes as every year passes.

There is still much left to say about DG CONNECT and its ICT ART CONNECTing and STARTing, so 2016 STARTS with many more explorations about this fascinating attempt by a failing government agency to boost its image by associating itself with the arts.

And let us not forget that other bastion of collective delusion within the Emperor's Court, the so called Research Executive Agency, or more accurately, the Resource Efficiency Administration, otherwise known as REA, another bureaucratic organisation with an over-inflated opinion of itself, but which is far from being resource efficient. What artistic delight can I conjure to appear about this particular manifestation of the Emperor's Court? And there is also this art-science/art-technology community that says the strangest of things. And ...

Oh so many muses. Where do I START? With STARTS of course! Socrates was right, for the unexamined life is not worth living, and what examinations of life yet lie slumbering, waiting for the moment when, arising like unpleasant manifestations of demons rather than men reflected there, they torment those that of dreams rather than nightmares would rather speak? Poetics! Let’s now see what you understand for I will tell you nothing … What could this mean?

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