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Sunday, 27 December 2015

2015 comes to an end

Drawing to a close now is 2015, a year that will go down in my own little and very insignificant history as a turning point. The Rubicon is crossed. There can be no turning back. Goodbye to that which is the past and to those of you who are my past, goodbye. Hello to that which is the future.

Now the sword is sharper, thanks to DG CONNECT and its ICT ART CONNECTing and STARTing which is something of gift sent from heaven for someone such as myself who is interested in collective denial and delusion, behavioural policy making and the transcending of boundaries. So to the matter of wielding this metaphorical weapon, I do now turn, to do that which no-one else has inclination towards, to begin the building upon a far distant shore, of a road to a different future – one that we all, in our hearts, wish to see. This is the power of one of which I wrote in A Tale of Two Deserts.

The poetics – this, you see, is what the hand that writes this wishes for things to be, because hermeneutics clearly confounds those that to the objective and rational mind, and to this alone, do retreat.

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