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Sunday, 3 May 2015

UK General Election and the nasty extremist party that is UKIP

I tend to avoid making comments on political parties, but sometimes it is necessary to do so, especially when extremists are on the loose masquerading as respectable politicians. Hence here follows my comments on the nasty extremist party known as UKIP.

UKIP is a racist, xenophobic, homophobic (and many other nasty things) party that attracts people who wish to classify, separate and exclude people. Do not be fooled by its smiling, laughing, jovial fuehrer (Who are you? Who are you? Answer: the man who makes mainstream politicians look sensible!). We will not be experiencing laughter and joviality if this band of nutty extremist ever gain power, for their world, their ‘Little Britain’, will be a place of persecution and suffering for anyone who does not comply with their perverse views of normality. Once in power, the need for the pretence of respectability will disappear, and then we will see the true nature of this nasty party.

It is the nature of democracy that such extremists can form political parties and participate in the democratic process. And it is our duty as citizens to humiliate these nasty and deluded people when we cast our votes.

This is reason why people should participate in the election and vote on May 7th. The election is an opportunity to humiliate and reject extreme nationalist parties advocating 1930s policies based on classification, separation and exclusion. If you do not vote, or you vote for such parties, you participate in opening the door to these extremists.

Next week we will discover just how many people voted for the extremists. Knowing that there is still a significant racist, xenophobic, homophobic stream of thought in the UK, it may well be the case that UKIP will attract a percent of the vote that will be counted in double figures. We do not though have a proportional system of representation, so the vote is unlikely to be translated into Members of Parliament. The result will however serve as a warning that we need to be continually vigilant against UKIP and other extremists, and continually work to ensure that they never gain any hold on power (the former chief scientific advisor and her nutty supporters please take note for you too are extremists).

Here it is worth recalling that, initially, the Nazi Party in Germany did not do well in elections. But social, political and economic conditions were such that eventually they gained power. This is the danger that UKIP  (and other extremists) pose. So on May 7th, please send this nasty party and its fuehrer to where they belong – oblivion. There are plenty of decent parties to vote for.

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