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Sunday, 22 March 2015

The nonsense of 'ethics' in European science

Some people think that ethics in the sciences is important and will, in some strange way, help to protect us from the madness of Western science. So I thought that this week I would expose to you the European approach to the 'ethics'.

Last year I came across the following in a LinkedIn ethics discussion group:

“Worldwide, billions of day-old male chicks are killed annually. Although this instrumentalised use of animals is developed in response to the demand for affordable animal protein as food source, this large scale killing of young animals caused societal resistance in the Netherlands (and Germany). Alternatives to the killing of day-old male chicks have been put forward to solve this problem, but each alternative leads to new dilemmas. At first sight, it does not seem logical to use genetic modification to solve such a problem as GM is rather controversial. However, due to the disadvantages of the other alternatives, the GM innovation might be the lesser of two evils. Therefore it is good to have a better understanding of the arguments related to GM in animal food production and whether these arguments change in the context of new innovative developments. The aim of this paper is to study how it is possible that an application of GM in animal food production might be the lesser of two evils. A normative technology assessment on the ethical and social aspects will be conducted using existing literature and expert opinion as input. The GM alternative to the problem of killing day-old male chicks will be used as a case.”

This is what I wrote in response:

“The question highlights the nature of European culture: a bag of bones and entrails dressed up with a little good meat. Ghandi is supposed to have said when asked what he thought of the idea of European civilisation, that “I think it would be a good idea.” And when we do have a European civilisation, people will see the question posed about GM and one-day old chicks, for what it is, the product of a people that live like a plague of locusts, striping the world of its assets and destroying most of what is of value, rather than living life like a lotus. This is not a personal attack, for I am sure you are a very nice person, but its time to stop the type of behaviour that leads to such stupid dilemmas. Nor is this statement a rejection of genetic modification, which is what many European minds will assume, given their love of either/or (binary) thinking (another peculiar characteristic of the modern European mind). As I said in one of my short stories (A Tale of Two Deserts), man’s intellect does recede ...”

Here I would add … especially the intellect of those minds caught-up in the perversity that Western science has become, where regression on minds is accelerating. You perhaps think that 'ethics' will protect and guard against the growing madness that science will inflict upon humanity and nature. If you do, then you are participating in collective denial and delusion. 'Ethics' – it’s about slowly conditioning you to accept the unacceptable. In the end you will be supporting all sorts of perverse activities, and you will call it 'progress'.

The killing of one-day old chicks is an example of the Will to Power – in this case the power of life and death over other life forms. The use of GM to engineer the gender of chicks is an example of the Will to Power – in this case power over nature. The killing of one-day old chicks and the genetic engineering of chicks are both done for one purpose – to make money. Let us not pretend that it is done for the altruistic purpose of providing affordable food.  Money equates to power – another example of the Will to Power. The production of food is just a secondary issue, a means to the achievement of the main objective – money and power.

If you truly want a better and different world, now is the time to oppose this 'masculine' world view. The masculine and the feminine – about this I will be saying much more in the future for evidently it is important. Gender is not binary – sorry all you Europeans, for you are indeed going to have a hard time in the future living in a non-European world.

Western science, future genocide, killing day old chicks, GM, scientists’ Will to Power, scientific government, the making of money, the masculine view of the world: everything is connected …

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