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Sunday, 29 March 2015

Genocide and European science

Genocide in Europe

It will not happen in the same way as was the case for the last two rounds of European genocide. The future genocide will be different from what happened in Nazi Germany and in Bosnia. It will be so different that you will not even recognise it as genocide, for you will give it different names, and those ethicists working in science will condition you and prepare the path so that you will not question it, and just accept it as normal. In fact you will call it, as you always do, 'progress'. The Nazis you see, where brutes, and you are far too sophisticated and advanced to engage in such barbarism. Europe is an 'advanced civilisation', so you will execute the next holocaust in a 'civilised way' with science leading the way.

I say that the Nazis were brutes, but they were also using that very human characteristic and ability called ‘reason’. They reasoned their way to and through the gates of hell, and its realisation in places like Auschwitz, the embodiment of the values and beliefs of the Nazi state, which was … a very European phenomenon, with very strong connections to science and reason.

And next time it will be different because we are now aware of what political (and religious) extremists with perverse ideologies can do. The danger, though, lies in those 'civilised' areas like science which is also an extremism; one with a perverse ideology, but which is not recognised as such. I am here referring to the de-humanization of humans by Western science – you are after all, according to Western science, nothing more than a complex biological machine. And de-humanisation is one of the steps towards atrocities like the holocaust. It is also what enables experimentation on humans – human embryos are not human – they are sub-human, untermench. So ‘reason’ gets to work and you convince yourself that the so-called 'research' is okay. It is 'progress', it is for the common good, it is, as the former chief scientific advisor would say, for the benefit of Europe’s citizens. And you wonder why people create abominations like Auschwitz.

Do you know the story about the frog and the boiling water? If you would be so cruel as to throw a frog into boiling water, it would make a frantic effort to get out – the will to live! If you put a frog in cold water, and then start to slowly heat the water, it will just stay there and slow boil to death. Well this might not be true in practice, but the point is not whether it is true, but to make a point. People slowly adapt, and accept, until matters of have gone too far, by which time it may be too later. This is what is happening to society because of the growing rule of science and reason – the Will to Power.

You are all being treated like the boiling frog and slowly you are being conditioned into accepting that which no sane civilisation would find acceptable. But you are not part of a sane civilisation – you are Europeans, and European do not have a civilisation, just a way of living that destroys everything of value, and then makes a virtue of it, for the only value that matters is the economic one.

Western science, future genocide, killing day old chicks, GM, scientists’ Will to Power, scientific government, the making of money, experimentation on human embryos, Auschwitz, for the benefit of Europe’s citizens: everything is connected …

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