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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Western Science – The New Colonialism

This week’s blog entry is quite short and is written for the benefit of those in what Europeans call the developing world, or the newly industrialised nations. In particular, the blog is aimed at those in China, India and other non-European cultures, who are, once again, being invaded by Europeans – this time it is European values and beliefs that are the forefront of the take-over.

Do you recall all those enlightened Europeans who turned up on your shores, claiming ownership of your land, taking what did not belong to them, enslaving your people, forcing their culture on you, because they thought themselves, in every way possible, far superior to the indigenous peoples they encountered in this, their quest to make the world European?

Perhaps you think those days are now over? If you do, you are wrong for they are still at it – seeking to make the world European. These are the people who, as I have mentioned before, make a virtue out of living life like a plague of locusts. In the case of some countries, like the UK, these people are the decedents of slave traders, in a metaphorical sense, but they are also, in a metaphorical sense also slaves, being bound to an ideology that they do not even recognise as an ideology – western science. They are what I call free slaves – they are free to think that they are not slaves!

And because they are slaves to a dogma, they have strategic weaknesses which can be exploited to render their ways irrelevant to the future of humanity. What they cannot see and will not tolerate, is the notion that their science is entirely grounded in European culture, and that a different culture, one based on non-Abrahamic worldviews, would produce a different form of science if such a culture were to pursue a path different to that of Europeans (if they were to be allowed to!).

The inability of most European to accept that science is culturally based is grounded in the dogma of the one best way – which is social Darwinism. Countries like China and India should reject this, for it is yet another example of European colonialism, which has in the past, and will continue in the future, to bring great suffering to the peoples of the world. Is it not now time to rid the world of such suffering by rendering Europeans and their strange beliefs irrelevant?

Western science = control, domination, subjugation, sole truths, machine-centric thinking, collective denial and delusion, and all the damage and destruction that goes with these things. It is neo-colonialism. A non-European science = balance, harmony, recognition that in human matters everything is about behaviour which affects perceptions of reality, … The story is just beginning and will be continued in future blogs.

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