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Sunday, 4 January 2015

2015 Begins

This week I review that which I plan to cover and to focus on in my blogs during 2015. The overarching theme will be scientists and their collective delusions, the need for controls and to make scientists legally accountable for their work, and the consequences for humanity if we leave science under the control of scientists, which brings me to my first issue.

Coming up very soon is the 70th anniversary of the discovery and liberation by Soviet forces of the Nazi death camp Auschwitz. To remember this “very” European horror story and its roots in Enlightenment and scientific thinking, I will be considering in my blogs how this was not an aberration, but a manifestation of European culture, and part of a long history of crimes against humanity that have been perpetrated by Europeans, not only against other Europeans, but also against non-Europeans. And to remind the complacent who think that this will never happen again in Europe, I will be reminding them that it already has.

Also on my topic list for this year, continuing my scrutiny of European values, I will be considering (what people think of as a Nazi concept of) Untermenschen, and showing that it is part of European culture and that it is still very much alive and well and flourishing in Europe. I will also be returning to the matter of convenience killings which are related to the concept of Untermenschen, and exploring how this links with the scientific mind. I shall also be highlighting the foundations of science, engineering and technology that are closely linked to Untermenschen.

Scientists and their Will to Power, which manifests itself in their quest for control and domination of nature, of humanity and of human societies (through their attempts to establish the rule of science and reason) will also figure in my blogs. And a good dose of ridicule will also appear, for there is often nothing more ridiculous than scientists who think that their self-constructed realities are reality – the word, the image, the theory are not the thing!

The above I will however put into the wider context of the Will to Power, to remind everyone, that regardless of the orientation – religious, secular, intellectual, political, economic – the Will to Power affects most humans, and that consequently we need to construct a different type of society to that which we have today. Hence it is time to start considering how ordinary people can begin peacefully, and with great humanity, to disengage from the unsustainable civilisation in which they find themselves trapped. I will thus be discussing the notion of a syncretic society where scientific, religious, political, economic and other types of Abrahamic extremists will not be able to flourish. And if people want such a world, they should starting building it themselves, for most politicians and their Chief Advisors are not going to be creating for them, for their Will to Power is very much based on maintaining what exists today, and if that is allowed to happen then one day in the not too distance future, we will all have to pay a terrible price for this.

I promised you a storm and now you can see how it will take shape!

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