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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Neonicotinoids – A Criminal Act in the Making?

Neonicotinoids are back in the news again. The BBC’s Countryfile programme revisited the issue in its 22 June (2014) edition. And we were treated to a representative of Syngenta – that most independent, unbiased and reliable source of information, and producer of neonicotinoids – telling us that their scientific studies have shown that when neonicotinoids are used properly they have a very low chance of causing harm to bees. Now, would they say anything other than this? Would any study that they undertook or funded, come to any other conclusion? Of course not! This is what happens when scientists prostitute themselves and sell their souls to the evils of global multinational corporations that would destroy nature in their pursuit of profit. And as for the alliance forged between Syngenta and Bayer to challenge to EU ban on certain neonicotinoids – this can be likened to a conspiracy to wage war on nature for the purpose of making profit.

Society needs to take action against companies like Syngenta and those, like their spokesperson, who hide behind science to make claims in their own self-interests. And if you knew how arrogant and ignorant people are within companies like Syngenta, and the contempt that they display towards anyone who takes a different view to them, then you would want to society to take action. So what can society do? The answer lies in law – criminal law! I will explain.

If people take to the streets of our cities and towns, running riot, causing damage, and looting, the full force of the criminal law is rightly brought to bear against the offenders. Yet when scientists and their employers run riot with nature, destroying it, leaving unpredictable and potentially life threatening legacies for future generations, society has no criminal laws that can be used to bring the guilty to justice. It is time to change this, and, when necessary, to bring such people before the courts, to show scientists and the organisations that support them, that they are not above the law, especially if there is evidence that their products are destroying nature. Of neonicotinoids, one might say that this is an example of a crime against the environment in the making, which could easily become a crime against humanity.

And I leave you with this thought: Zyklon B! Neonicotinoids! They are the same. And the legal principle is that there should be no difference in the eyes of the law, between using Zyklon B to kill people at Auschwitz, and the use of other pesticides, and genetic modification, in agriculture, when this leads to destruction of biodiversity which creates the potential for consequential loss of human life. The common issue lies in the creation of a culture where evil is normalised, and the difference lies only in the degree of evil, but the road from the lesser to the greater is short. The outer driven person will, by their compliance with the normalised culture of evil, accelerate the transition. The inner driven person will take a stand and resist the culture of evil. Now is the time to make this stand and to make science and scientists criminally accountable for their actions. Yet, if there are any inner driven people left within the world of science, their voices have fallen silent. And this is not surprising given the ideological nature of modern science, where to question is seen as heresy. This is what happens when dogma takes hold, and when such happens, human tragedy follows close on.

And in the coming days I will be tweeting a new Twitter Tale, called Let the Bees Die. Inspired by the appalling attitudes displayed by people in the agri-chem industry (and their apologists) towards the plight of bees, and using words spoken by people from that industry, this Twitter Tale reveals the values and thinking that may well lead to the extinction of our bees. It also highlights the perversity that prevails, because the destruction of bees, for companies like Syngenta, would be a good outcome, as this becomes yet another opportunity to exploit science for profit! And so, in the closing of the tale, one then confronts cultures of normalised evil and the matter of crimes against the environment, crimes against the unborn, crimes against humanity. 

To read more about the damaging effects of neonicotinoids, I recommend this article on The Organic View web site: Harvard Scientist Rebuts Industry Claims about Neonicotinoids.

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