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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Insects are drawn to the light …

Continuing with the time theme and also following-up on the notion of Horizon 2020 as innovation nonsense

Many insects (not just moths) are drawn to the light. Researchers are like that too. Turn on a light (that is to say provide funding for a topic) and the insects will flutter around it. Turn it off and then switch on another light, and these very same insects will flutter over to the new light. Very rarely will any of the insects question the light or challenge whether it is appropriate. That’s because they are caught in a loop, constantly reinventing themselves in exactly the same form that they were the day before, only calling themselves by a different name. Deep down they are just the same people caught-up in western (European) ideology, and certainly not interested in exploring the taken for granted assumptions, values, etc. which all those so called ‘value-free’ researchers are not prepared to have exposed to the public gaze.

So what happens when a light is turned on, but the light lies outside the spectral range of all those insects?

The above is a brief glimpse, into how to unleash the forces of creative destruction against the economies of the western world. People in China and India should take note of my past and future blogs about the nature of time, about Europe being cursed by Nemesis and condemned by Zeus, and about the Tao. Few of those with European/Western minds will understand what I am talking about. They still think that the whole world is going to play by their stupid Enlightenment rules! The new competitive advantage of the nation lies in culture and the empty materialist and soulless culture of the Western world has no future. It is time to change.

And all you binary thinkers note that this does not mean that I agree with the way that China deals with those who show dissent. But in this, they do what all with power do, the only difference between them and the West, is the trigger point at which they react and the means they use to enforce conformance. In the end all governments are evil – the point of difference is the degree of evil. And all will, given the right circumstances, hand to the dissenters, that phial of hemlock that Socrates preferred to drink rather than to surrender to the will of the small minded empty people who, in seeking power, find it in the institutions of the Nation State and now also supra level state institutions such as those found in the EU, and in particular, in the European Commission and its research programmes, and once more we are back to those insects and, next week, the ICT Research Programme, where there are many insects fluttering around lights.

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