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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Europe – condemned by Zeus, cursed by Nemesis

Everyday Europe reinvents itself in exactly the same form that it was the day before, being as it is, bound, by invisible and silent chains, to the rock of the past, and unable to escape from it. And Europe has so fallen in love with itself that it is unable to see this. Thus will the past become the future!

Europe has been condemned by Zeus and cursed by Nemesis. There is no Hercules to set Europe free. And using such knowledge, China and India can unleash against Europe the forces of creative destruction, and Europe will not understand what is happening, but will instead retreat even further into the past, for this is what civilisations that are in a state of collapse do. And the case of the former chief scientific advisor is a very good example of someone retreating into the past.

Thus once more will Europe unleash upon its citizens and the world, yet more of the horrors for which it is infamous. You doubt this? Well look again and you will see that the process has already started and as Europe’s social, economic and political conditions deteriorate, and the world begins to engage more intensely in resource and ideologically driven conflicts, thus will Europe retreat further into that which is comfortable and reassuring – the place known as the past.

But this does not have to be, for a different future is possible. The past is Abrahamic. The seven Abrahamic belief systems I have already mentioned (in earlier blogs), including the four secular ones of Western Science, Western Atheism, Western Capitalism, and Western Communism, all of which have inflicted upon the world their dogmas and the horrors that go with them, although those caught up in these dogmas are too consumed by them to know this. Ordinary people however are free to turn away from these dogmas and to choose a different future – a Taoist one. Unless Europe changes and embraces the Tao, then its future will be its past.

This nicely brings me to next week’s blog, which is about my novel – Moments in Time.

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