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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Fukushima in the news yet again!

Fukushima, the world’s first triple reactor-core melt-down nuclear power disaster has been in the news again this week with a report published in The Guardian newspaper that traces of radioactive contamination from the stricken plant have been detected off the coast of Canada.

As is now fairly standard, scientists are saying that the levels of contamination are safe, but this is not the point. The issue is that there are consequences that arise from disasters such as Fukushima, and the denial or dismal of such, is convenient for those in industry and science with vested interests in maintaining this dangerous form of power generation.

The scientists in question did not have anything to say about how the apparently safe levels of contamination might affect human health in the longer term, when combined in the human body with all the other unnecessary sources of radioactivity that the body is exposed to as a result of science. This of course is virtually impossible to assess, which is why it is ignored. Those scientists who do ignore this may well be party to placing our health, and that of future generations, at risk. This is something to consider next time you hear those words “I am a scientist, so I have no bias or axe to grind”. More likely this means that “I am part of a vested interest and quite frankly I do not care for the bottom line is that Fukushima and other such places are about making money.” Someone gets rich at the expense of others – most probably the unborn. It also means “I am a scientist so while it may seem that I am smart I behave as though I am stupid, because my life is controlled by ideology and dogma.”

Fukushima also illustrates that the other delusion, that the ‘risks can be managed’, is patently not true. But again, the vested interests do not care because … you know why.

Once again scientist’s Will to Power is seen for what it is, and now is the time to deal with this while we can. A new approach that goes beyond the ‘risks can be managed’ and ‘there are no consequences’ has to be developed. But do not look to science for such developments for science is lost to the power of money – fortune and glory is what modern Western science is about.

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