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Sunday, 9 November 2014

And what of the other Abrahamic Religions – Capitalism, Communism and Atheism?

In an earlier blog I stated that European science is the fourth Abrahamic religion. Capitalism is the fifth. It too is the product of the age of Enlightenment – it was born in the same stable as European science. Both share the same belief that nature and human beings are complex machines. This is very convenient if one is interested in exploiting the machine for profit, which both science and capitalism are. It helps to explain also the interest in re-engineering nature (for example through GM), and the delusion that, because they are dealing with a machine, the risks can be foreseen, and managed.

The above is the nature of the machine-centric thinking that dominates European culture, which brings me to mention the sixth Abrahamic religion – communism. It too is a product of European culture, and being so, sees people, society, and the economy as being nothing more machines that can be re-engineered to make them better, but what better is, has proved to be a rather subjective concept, which of course it is. Hence with communism one finds, as one does with European science and capitalism, the notion of the nameless, faceless masses, now called the general public, and actions based on reason, taken in the public interest, for the common good. Ann Glover, being as she is, a technocrat at heart, flourishes in such an environment, and would be equally at home in industry or in a communist state.

Mikhail Gorbachev, in the dying days of the Soviet Empire said: “The party does not lay claim to being the sole bearers of the truth.” It was a telling remark about the nature of communism and its silent narrative that it was the sole source of the truth. Western capitalism and western science also share this same belief, that they are the sole source of the truth. They are all the product of an Abrahamic age that is now drawing to a close, but, they are not going down quietly. Western capitalism and Western science already have blood on their hands, and more destruction will follow in due course, for, as their world begins to crumble, they will recede further into their delusions, and will seek to apply more fervently their dogma. This is what Anne Glover is doing now. Expect more of this in the years to come, as well as the military conflicts and suppression of human rights that accompanies the collapse of a whole civilisation.

And then there is the matter of the seventh Abrahamic religion – western atheism (not to be confused with eastern atheism). Here, in this seventh Abrahamic belief system, to you will find people who have also discovered the sole truth, which is one of the main defining features of the European (western) mind, this being a product of an Abrahamic culture. And here one can note that, there is in this world at the moment, no one more Abrahamic than the self-appointed leader of western atheists, Richard Dawkins. He is also the personification of this rather strange psychological characteristic known by the question that I often pose: why so smart yet so dumb?

Collectively, all seven of the Abrahamic thought systems are tearing the world apart, waging war among themselves, on each other, as well as on what remains of the non-Abrahamic world, and on nature. Yet their age is drawing to a close. The challenge is to how stop people caught-up in these dogmas from destroying the world, without resorting to their methods, and to enable a peaceful transition to a post-Abrahamic age.

So here we stand in a world created by seven Abrahamic thought systems, which one can say are the seven generations of the creation of the modern world, the human world, and through their madness they will destroy it all. It is time to learn that we are but one, and that the only way to achieve a better world is to walk away from the world that these misguided people are creating. It is time to unite as one, in a way that will result in all the self-created distinctions dissolving away, and to do this everyone needs to rediscover the true nature of being human, and to transform themselves into something very different.

And the strange thing is that was the reason why Abrahamic thought first appeared in the world, and its purpose, was to show how to become something very different, while at the same time demonstrating the consequences of not doing this. We have now seen what Judaism, Christianity, Islam, science, capitalism, communism, and atheism are capable of – now it is time to learn the lesson of history, and turn to that which offers us a way out of this madness.

We must set ourselves free from ideology and dogma and recognise that our real enemy is the human mind. In the battle between the mind and the soul, the mind has too often won. This cannot continue. We will either unite and conquer the mind, or live in the hell that it will create. This is the message of Abraham, and we have the means to set ourselves free, for it has always been there, waiting for us to see it and find the collective courage to take the first step.

Only most do not see this, such is the power of the human mind to blind people, so that, what is clear, becomes hidden in plain view – Encounter with a Wise Man, A Tale of Two Deserts, Enigma.

In future blogs I will explain more about the method that underlies my writing, and why I position things, like science, in contexts such as an Abrahamic thought system.

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