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Sunday, 12 October 2014

The Narcissistic Chief Scientific Advisor

Into the deep dark pool she stares, trapped in an eternal glance, held there by the love she has for her own self-image, unable now to she herself, and the rest, for what they actually are. By her side, the artist in residence sits, gazing into the deep water, for she too has fallen in love with this self-image. And she whispers that which the Chief Scientific Advisor wants to hear – “I am passionate by science” she says, “so let us communicate together to all those who, as yet, have to fall in love with you, those who have yet to see the light of science and reason.”

And hovering above them, winged Nemesis is there. She has delivered her punishment for their hubris, and because of this curse, they do not understand that, what is looking back at them it is only an image of what they want to see. And with mind transfixed on this illusion, they will not notice the new science emerge, which comes not from the City of the Golden Stars, but from far distance shores, from cultures which, most Europeans do not respect, have not the slightest understanding of, nor any interest too. It is here, in these Eastern worlds, far beyond the notion of single truths and the one best way, that the future of science rests, and it will be a science that those caught-up in European ways, in Abrahamic thought, will struggle to adopt. Which is the point …

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