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Thursday, 7 August 2014

Has the European Union Abandoned its Peoples to the Power of Money?

Recently interviewed by the BBC was the actor Peter Fonda. Most of the interview centred on his movie Easy Rider which was released in 1989, and the relationship with his co-star Dennis Hopper. Fonda was asked for his reflection on America today, over 40 years on from Easy Rider. His response was that America is a beautiful country with a government that has abandoned its people to the power of money!

So I ask the question, is the European Union doing exactly the same thing, abandoning its people to the power of money? The answer is yes, and here in the UK the government is leading the pack. And, science, engineering and technology are right in there, among the pioneers, building this brave new world of the power of money, with its materialism, greed, vast disparities between the haves and the have-nots, environmental destruction, and the increasing loss of hard won employment rights, and ultimately, other rights as well.

And the above is one of the reasons why ethics in science and business will not work, and why we will increasingly see human concerns about the damaging consequences of these aspects of our civilisation being pushed aside. It is already happening: fracking, nuclear power, high speed rail, and genetically modified crops and animals are the current concerns which are being ignored in the race to keep the UK economy consuming, from which comes the growth so desired. Next comes the underground burning of coal reserves and biomedical technology. And what comes after these?

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