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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Behavioural Change – The Key to Enabling the Transition to a Sustainable Civilisation

It is not science, engineering or technology that will deliver a sustainable civilisation, but behavioural change. If we do not now begin to change the way we behave in the world, then we as a species have no future.

Long gone are the days when we can somehow stumble along, relying on good luck to survive. If we do not begin to act now to change our behaviours, then resource depletion and destruction of biodiversity will lead to a world of even greater conflicts than that which exists today, and we should be in no doubt, that once the conflicts and unrest begin, governments across the globe, to ensure the maintenance of order in a increasingly dysfunctional world, will begin to resort to extreme measures, where individual freedoms, human rights, and democracy will become delusions, for there will be no room for such things as state of emergency thinking begins to take hold. And the sad thing about all this, is nothing will be done to prevent it from happening unless ordinary people now begin to act to bring about change themselves, for none of those who are part of the alliance of vested interests, have any serious intention of initiating a transition to sustainable living. For them, it is business as usual with a few minor adjustments, regardless of the consequences.

This is what is at stake – the future of our world, our children’s world. We are leaving them with a legacy that they will curse us for. So do not be deluded into thinking that science, engineering and technology will save us, for these are part of the problem. Scientists, engineers and technologists are at the top of the list of people who need to change, who need to find completely new approaches to the way they practice and what they believe, as I have made clear in several recent blogs, for there is no one more like Prometheus than the typical scientist, engineer and technologist. And this is the theme of my forthcoming novel, Moments in Time, a theme which is also explored in a series of books that I have written over the past few years: Encounter with a Wise Man; A Tale of Two Deserts; and Enigma.

So I repeat – the key to sustainability is behavioural change, and that means that we all have to change, and how we can modify our behaviour is a topic that I will be exploring in future blogs.

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