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Sunday, 29 December 2013

And so 2013 Comes to an End

The year is nearly over and also coming to a close is my first year of blogging, which is an activity that in 2014 I will continue, for I have much to say about many things of importance to the sustainability of contemporary civilisation, both in terms of that which makes it unsustainable, and that which needs to be done to make it sustainable.

In 2014 I want to continue with my analysis of aspects of science, engineering and technology that need to change, particularly concerning values and beliefs that lead to processes that are no longer fit for purpose. There are matters too relating to what I have called the Prometheus syndrome that I want to explain from a theoretical perspective. I also intend to start introducing that which is being done to transform scientific, engineering and technology development processes into ones fit for the circumstances that humanity now faces. And when I encounter more nonsense from these worlds, and that also of free market capitalism and religion, then these too will find a place in my commentaries. I will also be dealing with matters, such as the meaning of the risks can be managed, that I mentioned in blogs during 2013.

I repeat here that the process of understanding what sustainability truly means is a journey of discovery, and the more people who begin to see the wider meaning of sustainability, the more those that only have an incremental change agenda will be seen to be out of touch and irrelevant – people to be ignored.

Have a good new year – one that is better by not having to put up with the same old tale of woes that those in power have clearly demonstrated themselves as being unable to resolve. Through the power of the vote, the wallet, and lifestyle changes, make 2014 the year that you send a powerful message to these people, that the time when they could maintain the status quo, is over.

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