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Sunday, 7 July 2013

This is the journey ...

This is the journey … I am a writer, and writing not only defines what I do but who I am. And back in 2001 when I began to develop my writing career in the direction of fiction I immediately began to ask myself why I write. I did not find an answer to this question until December 2011, when I wrote a short story entitled Encounter with a Wise Man, which is the third and final tale in a book that I published in 2012 that goes by the title Father Christmas Adventures: Unexpected Tales of Christmas Magic. I knew then that I had found my muse, which, put succinctly, is the madness of the modern world, and its inevitable outcome if we as a species do not begin to walk a different path. And my aim is quite simple: to show people that taking a new road is possible, as well as how and where to start.

I am new to the world of blogging, so I will take some time to develop the design of my blog and also think about what to post. On my web site, ultimately, there will be a lot of information for people who want to start building a different world. So my message is please be patient; I will be back with regular blogs.

Through power of words the climate of thought can change. This is the journey …

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